Review of the python Programming for beginners

Review of the python Programming

4 min readJun 20, 2020

Q:What can be done with Python Programming?

Answer: Python is an Object Oriented High Lev (Programming Language). It was first published in 1991 by Guido Van Rossium.Here the programmer’s work is given more importance than the computer. If you want to work with Data Science and Machine Learning, above all, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the foundation of future technology, Python programming can be your first choice without hesitation. The reason is that according to scikit-learn, Machine Learning Library According to Pandas, there are data frame libraries and according to Numpy, there are calculation libraries for Python. Specifically, based on Python — Django, Tornado, Flask, etc. through the framework you can If you Internet of Things. | If you want to work with (IoT), then this is for you Hardware platforms like RPi.GPIO for Raspberrypi. | Again rich in graphical user interface (GUI). | Based on this language for software development, you have a package like Tkinter or a toolkit like PyQT. Ara has a library according to Kivy. Desktop apps with Tk, PyQt, PyGTK etc.Development is going well. Although there is some work to be done with Kivy, Python is a huge market for mobile apps. It goes without saying that there is almost no possession. This is a major limitation of Python (Python Programming Language). Currently the biggest market for Python is Web Programming. Familiarity with children’s programming as it is relatively much easier Python is used in most cases. | Python is being used to automate various annoying daily tasks that have to be done repeatedly.

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