Vivo demo remove free tool 100% working [2021]

Remove VIVO Demo Mode Download Free Tool 100% 2021 This is what you want to unlock
UT pattern lock fry and screen lock like Vivo S1 Pro and other latest mobiles
although mobile MRT 3.19 and others are not working you can easily use and any
latest Can unlock vivo mobile. If the engineer accidentally selects “Enter Motivation
Mode” in this tool, the handset goes into demo mode.

To recover the handset, follow these steps:

To enter the factory test dial *#558#,
Validation Test — Development Mode Open the debugging port
Connect the handset to the computer via USB
Open sscom32.exe on your computer (right click, run as administrator)

The serial port number is not confirmed, only a mobile phone is connected
and the serial port number is not COM1.
Click to open the serial port.
Do not change the contents of the string input box
Click to send, the screenshot is below as a success




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